Below is a list of attorneys who have met the requirements to practice under a Temporary Practice License. These attorneys have a pending application for admission to the Oregon State Bar. The activities performed under the Temporary Practice License must be supervised by an active Oregon State Bar member. The Temporary Practice Program is governed by RFA 13.70-13.85. More information about the Temporary Practice Program can be found here. Attorneys listed with a temporary license status other than “active” are currently ineligible to practice law in Oregon. For questions or concerns regarding a temporary practice licensee, please contact OSB Regulatory Services at
Temporary Licensee Name Temporary License Number Temporary License Status Supervising Attorney Bar Number Supervising Attorney Name Supervising Attorney Status Expiration Date
Elizabeth Farina Collura T24043005 Active 072717 Edward F St Onge Active 05/08/2025
Zandria Conyers T24022806 Active 085718 Benjamin R Lauritsen Active 04/17/2025
James Andrew Funk T24040501 Active 861946 Richard William Funk Active 04/12/2025
Michael Gerrits T23120502 Active 032364 William E Berner Active 12/13/2024
Brendan D Hicks T24011604 Active 061406 Shannon Iris Wilson Active 01/30/2025
Allison M. Johnson T23092906 Active 035852 Susan Heather Seelye Active 10/27/2024
Sarah A Mills T24022204 Active 105689 Sarah Zena Cohen Active 03/07/2025
Jason Allen Peterson T24010301 Active 096466 Lindsay E Dickston Active 01/08/2025
Marguerite Stewart T23102705 Active 131874 Kamron L Graham Active 11/07/2024
Maria-Patricia T. Syquia T24021402 Active 933942 Robert Wilson Patridge Active 03/07/2025
Marshall McClellan Thompson T24040902 Active 162605 Lanee Danforth Active 05/08/2025
Lauren Malia Gomez Visoria T24021301 Active 143844 Layla Kailani McLean Active 02/28/2025
Kathleen Wallender T24032603 Active 212542 Anthony N Lim Active 04/23/2025
Derek Robert Whitmire T24031902 Active 150327 Richard H Balsley Active 03/27/2025