Below is a list of those who have met the requirements to practice as a Foreign Law Consultant under RFA 12.05. A person who is licensed to practice law in a foreign jurisdiction, as defined in ORS 9.242 for purposes of this rule, as an attorney or counselor at law or the equivalent and who complies with the provisions of this rule for licensing of foreign law consultants may advise on the law of that foreign jurisdiction in the state of Oregon to the extent allowed by this rule. A person licensed as a foreign law consultant pursuant to this rule shall be subject to this rule and the provisions of ORS Chapter 9, the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct, and the Oregon State Bar Rules of Procedure, such person shall not be considered an Oregon attorney or be a member of the Oregon State Bar. For questions or concerns regarding a Foreign Law Consultant, please contact OSB Admissions at

Foreign Law Consultant Name Effective Date Status
William Robert Coleman 05/02/2019 Active
Oksana Vasilievna Davletshina 07/28/2022 Active